Andrew’s Story

Andrew started the journey after the breakdown of a marriage. In this video, I talk to him about his journey to Unshakeable Confidence, and ultimately to find an amazing new relationship.  

He has now recently bought a home with this new amazing woman and is excited for his future life.

Stefan’s Story

Stefan was one of the first men to complete the 12 Week Core Attraction journey, nearly three years ago.

When he started, he was struggling to sleep with the thoughts of a past relationship racing around and around in his head, like pistons.

In this video, we talk about the journey of changing that voice inside the mind, to find self-worth again. Stefan talks about where his life is now, in business, self-confidence and relationships.

Steve’s Story

Watch this video to see Steve’s biggest piece of advice for men coming out of a painful breakup.

Steve is an amazing man who came from a position of loneliness to transform all aspects of his life. 

Milad’s Story

Milad’s primary motivation for joining the twelve-week program was to gain self-awareness and con-fidence.

Watch to see where Milad is now. In his own words, the journey has surpassed his expectations.