Core Attraction Program

Happiness, Self Love & Relationships

This 12-Week Program transforms men through 3 key phases:

1. Empowered Self-Love

(Weeks 1 - 4)

Change the deep, subconscious belies in your mind to find Unshakeable Confidence in all parts of your Self. This will empower you to become your happiest, most empowered self, free from the fear of rejection and the internal belief of ‘I am not good enough’.


2. Empowered Action

(Weeks 5 - 8)

Once deep, subconscious foundations of self-love are built, it’s time to take action. This involves embodying the new self. Taking action outside of the comfort zone to build new habits and a new identity.

3. Lifestyle Design

(Weeks 9 - 12)

Now that you’re an empowered, unshakeable version of yourself with a deep happiness, it’s time to design your lifestyle so that you are meeting the people that will empower, inspire and ultimately love you. This third phase is why so many of the men that go through this Program find an amazing Partner.

These three steps are the Path to your Happiness.

Not just temporary happiness, but a deep authentic and grounded fulfilment in who you are in your past, present and future self.